Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Motorola tricks

Motorola-Codes for Motorola models


To activate RBS (Engineering Menus):
[pause] [pause] [pause] 1 1 3 [pause] 1 [pause] [ok]
(pause means the * key held in until box appears)
You now have to press the [MENU] and scroll to the \´Eng Field Options\´ function with the <> keys, and enable it.

To de-activate RBS (Engineering Menus):
[pause] [pause] [pause] 1 1 3 [pause] 0 [pause] [ok]
(pause means the * key held in until box appears)
Works on 6200\´s,8200\´s,1-888\´s,7500\´s,8400\´s and GSM
StarTacs with later than version .27 software.
Options under Eng Field Options
Eng Field Options
Active Cell
RxLev -55 Received powerlevel in dBm
NCC 0 National Colour Code, used for identifying channel
BCC 7 Broadcast Colour Code, also for identifying purposes
MTxPwr 35 Max allowed transmit power 35dBm about 3.2W
C1 003 Is a calculated figure for the quality control signal
which is constantly sent out from the RBS quality the signal
returning from the phone has. If this value is negative
for more than 5 sec then the system will make a cell switch.
Time Adv xxx xxx is a number. Multiply this number by 550,
and the result is the distance from the RBS (Radio Base Station), in meters.
Adjacent Cells
Adj Cell 1
Channel 0033 Channel Number
RxLev -65 Received powerlevel in dBm
BCCH DecodeI think it means it is able to decode the channel information contained in the BCCH
RxLevAM -104 Min allowed reception, compare with RxLev -65 and you get the C1 value which is 39 and reported back to base as measure of field strength.
MTxPwr 35 Aain max allowed powerlevel C1 003 ??
NCC 0 National Colour Code
BCC 6 Broadcast Colour Code

System Parameters
Combined Off ??
AcsClas 0000 Allows different priorities - this network doesn\´t support it.
MCC 505 Mobile Country Code, 505 for Australia, 240 for Swedes etc
MNC 01 Mobile Network Code, 01 for Mobilenet, 02 for Optus, 03 for Vodafone using MCC 505. MCC+MNC is often called Network Code LAC 08720 Location Area Code, shows which exchange your\´re in CellID 00473 Base Station Identity T3212 005 Time between periodic network updates (either hours between or time remaing until update, not sure) BS-PA-MFRM 4 ?? XZQTY 14.3 ?? these are the secret codes and unlocking tricks for motorola mobile phones.
Try them if you are a mobile system expert

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