Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Internet Tricks

Orkut tricks :
Hide orkut photo albums from your friends(Latest)
f you think that you have only two album sharing options –
“share photos with friends“, “share with everyone” with your Orkut photo albums, you are wrong.
You can move a step ahead to restrict anyone including your friends from viewing your photos.
This will act like your private photo storage space on Orkut, lolz. All you have to do is some basic album properties configuration and that’s it.
None of your friends or anyone will be able to see photos from your albums.
To hide Orkut photo albums from your friends, follow these below steps.
1. Login to your Orkut profile.
2. From your profile, navigate to Settings >> Privacy >> Scroll down below to find album settings.
3. If you have many photo albums and want to hide few ones only, click on the drop down menu next to Albums and select “Choose per album” option.
4. Now from the below albums list, select one album and click on Edit link associated with that album.
5. A new window will pop up asking you to select photo sharing permissions for that album.
6. Delete all friends, groups, contacts from the right hand side menu and make it accessible by no one.
7. You are done.
You can repeat step 4 and 5 to hide more photo albums from your friends.
This will not delete any of your photos or albums, they will remain safe.
It’s just that no one can see those photos.
And yes, you will be having access to those photos and can change the settings to allow friends or anyone to view your album photos again by following above steps.

View enlarged photos:

By default Orkut shows a fixed sized image to all it’s users.
Few times they are not visible well.
And also, if you want to save a image, you will be able to download that scaled image.
So, you need to enlarge orkut photos to see it either in a better quality or to save it.
Here we will use a javascript code and it will enlarge orkut pics.
Simply copy the below javascript and paste that in your browser’s address bar.
Once you use this javascript, all pictures in that Orkut page will get enlarged.
They will be more sharp and clear. Now either view them or save them, it all depends on YOU!

Find girl friend in your city(Lovers spcl):

/font> This is simlpe but huge responded trick!!!
Find girls of your city in orkut very easily.
Generally, when you search 'Female' and 'Your city name' then you also get some useless results.
But with this trick, no useless results!!
Just change your STATE name to your CITY name. then search .
You will get more accurate results.
Go ahead lovers!!!!!!

View any locked scrapbook(Latest):
Here is a trick to see locked scrapbook.
Just open the page that says 'This scrapbook is locked' or anything like that.
Then type following script into URL bar of your browser.

Check whether your emails has been read or not :

Have you ever wondered, why you are not getting any reply to your mails?
Maybe the friend to whom you sent the mail did not even bother to open it or maybe it never reached the recipient. How will you know?
How to find out if your email has been read?
If you have ever been anxious to know if an important mail sent by you has been read by the recipient or not, then here is the perfect tool for you. SpyPig will send you an email as soon as the recipient opens and reads your message.
There are many ways you can benefit from SpyPig.Check out whether your job application reached it’s target, or if the classified you responded to on Craiglist was read by its owner
This online tool works with almost all modern email programs: Outlook, Eudora, Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, AOL and many others.

Safely browse web in anonymous way :

It's very annoying when Governments and school/office administrations decide on their own what is right to view on the cyberspace and what is not. This is a free world. Let us decide that for ourselves.

Ok, I know, enough o this crap. Here's the good stuff. Presenting, Freegate, a software that will help you surf all that is blocked. I found this software when I had to surf orkut ( which by the way my country thinks is a source of immorality and is hence blocked), and used the anonymous web surfing software that I usually use. But for some weird reason , it doesn't work anymore at my place. So, presenting Freegate, that will join our elite league of anonymous Web surfing software. Surf blocked sites, without any pain..

Speed up your broad band speed :
1) Goto http://www.testmy.net/ and click on Download Speed Test, and then on Smart Test....(and while conducting this test, don't forget to close all Instant Messagers, and there should be no other web activity, other than the test)
2) Note down the speeds. Now, lets see, what all changes to be made..... This tip is designed for increased BROADBAND speed in Windows XP while using standard Network Interface cards (NIC) that are connected to ADSL modems, or when using any directly-connected USB ADSL modem. To speed up the Internet connection speed we need to configure a special buffer in the computer's memory in order to enable it to better deal with interrupts made from the NIC or the USB modem. This tip is only recommended if you have 256MB RAM or higher.

Step #1 - Identify the IRQ used by the NIC/USB modem
1. Open the System Information tool by running MSINFO32.EXE from the Run command.
2. Expand System Summary > Hardware Resources > IRQs.
3. Look for the listing made for your NIC (in my case - a Intel® PRO/100+ Management Adapter). Note the IRQ next to the specified line (in my case - IRQ21).
In case of USB modems you will first need to find the right USB device used by your modem. Follow these steps:
1. Open the Device Manager tool by running DEVMGMT.MSC from the Run command (or by right-clicking My Computer > Hardware tab > Device Manager button).
2. Scroll down to Universal Serial Bus controllers and expand it.
3. Right-click the USB Root Hub and select Properties. Note that you might need to do so for all listed USB Root hubs (if there are more than one) in order to find the right one.
4. In the Power tab, look for your USB ADSL modem.
5. In the Resources tab look for the assigned IRQ (in this case - IRQ21).
6. This is the IRQ we're looking for.
Note: IRQs and modem names might vary...

Step #2 - Modify the system.ini file
1. Run SYSEDIT.EXE from the Run command.
2. Expand the system.ini file window.
3. Scroll down almost to the end of the file till you find a line called [386enh].
4. Press Enter to make one blank line, and in that line type IRQX=4096 where X is the designated IRQ number we found in step #1, in my case it's IRQ21.
Note: This line IS CASE SENSITIVE!!!
5. Click on the File menu, then choose Save.
6. Close SYSEDIT and reboot your computer. Done.
Speed improvement will be noticed after the computer rebots.

PC Tricks

Disable Auto Run of USB to avoid virus :

Nowwadays, there is a new problem that is cropping up in almost all schools,colleges, hostels etc. where the malicious Autorun Virus is Creating Havoc by spreading to Laptops and PC through USB Drives etc.
How to Stop the Autorun PC Virus Infection ?
The free 'Panda USB Vaccine' allows users to vaccinate their PCs in order to disable Autorun completely so that no program from any USB/CD/DVD drive (regardless of whether they have been previously vaccinated or not) can auto-execute. This is a really helpful feature as there is no user friendly and easy way of completely disabling Autorun on a Windows PC.
Panda USB Vaccine is a 100% free utility. Its tested under Windows 2000 SP4, Windows XP SP1-SP3, and Windows Vista SP0 and SP1.

Shortcut keys of Windows Media Player :
Shortcut keys Action
1. Video Playback
ALT+1 Adjust zoom to 50 percent
ALT+2 Adjust zoom to 100 percent
ALT+3 Adjust zoom to 200 percent
ALT+ENTER Display the video in full mode

2. Accessing the
ALT+F Go to media player File Menu
ALT+T Go to media player Tools Menu
ALT+V Go to media player View Menu
ALT+P Go to media player Play Menu
ALT+F4 Use to close media player

CTRL+1 Display media player in full mode
CTRL+2 Display media player in skin mode

4. Player controls
ENTER or SPACEBAR Use to play an item
CTRL+B Use to play the previous item in media player
CTRL+F Use to play the next item in media player
CTRL+E Use to Eject CD or DVD from CD or DVD drive
CTRL+P Use to Play or Pause the item in media player
CTRL+T Use to Repeat the items in media player
CTRL+SHIFT+B Use to Rewind a file in media player
CTRL+SHIFT+F Use to Fast Forward a file in media player
CTRL+SHIFT+S Use to play items slower than a normal speed
CTRL+SHIFT+ G Use to play items faster than a normal speed
CTRL+SHIFT+ N Use to play items at normal speed in media player
F8 Use to mute the volume in media player
F9 Use to decrease the volume in media player
F10 Use to increase the volume in media player
Initially, you�ll have to look up for some of these shortcuts but once you get well versed with them, you�ll be a lot quicker at controlling the Media Player.

Increase hard disk speed in windows :
f you like to increase/optimize your Hard Disk I/O - read/write speed without buying expensive software utilities to do that job or changing the HD, just follow next steps. With doing these steps you will increase Hard disk speed (depends of manufacture and specification, but its worth to try). The most speed improvement is visible with IDE drives; however there are reports that this tweak also does good for SCSI disks.
In any case, it won't harm your system, so try it yourself and let me know what you find!
1. Run SYSEDIT.EXE from the start & then Run command.
2. Expand the system.ini file window.
3. Scroll down almost to the end of the file untill you find a line called [386enh].
4. Press Enter to make one blank line, and in that line type
5. Irq14=4096 (note: This line IS CASE SENSITIVE)
6. Click on the File menu, then choose Save.
7. Close SYSEDIT and reboot your computer.
8. Restart windows!
The speed improvement will be noticed just after the system reboots, any system info. software can be used to check the improvement.

Disable Windows xp logo during system boot :
It is possible to disable the XP splash screen, which will slightly speed up the overall boot process.
Be aware that removing the splash screen will also cause you not to see any boot-up messages that might come up (chkdsk, convert � ),
but if your system runs without any problems then it should not matter.
Edit boot.ini
Add � /noguiboot� right after �/fastdetect�.
Upon restarting, the splash screen will be gone. It can be re-enabled by removing the new switch

Shut down windows xp at fastest speed:
You can make your shut down process a bit faster by the following tweak. Steps: (Download the registry file in your PC.)
1. This step is very important.
Export (right click > Export) the following keys and save it to a safer place.
HKEY CURRENT USER\Control Panel\Desktop

2. Open Notepad, copy and paste the following to the Notepad.
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop]

3. Save the file and close Notepad.

4. Change extension of the file from .txt (text file) to .reg (registry file).

5. Double click open this file and click Yes and the OK .

Motorola tricks

Motorola-Codes for Motorola models


To activate RBS (Engineering Menus):
[pause] [pause] [pause] 1 1 3 [pause] 1 [pause] [ok]
(pause means the * key held in until box appears)
You now have to press the [MENU] and scroll to the \´Eng Field Options\´ function with the <> keys, and enable it.

To de-activate RBS (Engineering Menus):
[pause] [pause] [pause] 1 1 3 [pause] 0 [pause] [ok]
(pause means the * key held in until box appears)
Works on 6200\´s,8200\´s,1-888\´s,7500\´s,8400\´s and GSM
StarTacs with later than version .27 software.
Options under Eng Field Options
Eng Field Options
Active Cell
RxLev -55 Received powerlevel in dBm
NCC 0 National Colour Code, used for identifying channel
BCC 7 Broadcast Colour Code, also for identifying purposes
MTxPwr 35 Max allowed transmit power 35dBm about 3.2W
C1 003 Is a calculated figure for the quality control signal
which is constantly sent out from the RBS quality the signal
returning from the phone has. If this value is negative
for more than 5 sec then the system will make a cell switch.
Time Adv xxx xxx is a number. Multiply this number by 550,
and the result is the distance from the RBS (Radio Base Station), in meters.
Adjacent Cells
Adj Cell 1
Channel 0033 Channel Number
RxLev -65 Received powerlevel in dBm
BCCH DecodeI think it means it is able to decode the channel information contained in the BCCH
RxLevAM -104 Min allowed reception, compare with RxLev -65 and you get the C1 value which is 39 and reported back to base as measure of field strength.
MTxPwr 35 Aain max allowed powerlevel C1 003 ??
NCC 0 National Colour Code
BCC 6 Broadcast Colour Code

System Parameters
Combined Off ??
AcsClas 0000 Allows different priorities - this network doesn\´t support it.
MCC 505 Mobile Country Code, 505 for Australia, 240 for Swedes etc
MNC 01 Mobile Network Code, 01 for Mobilenet, 02 for Optus, 03 for Vodafone using MCC 505. MCC+MNC is often called Network Code LAC 08720 Location Area Code, shows which exchange your\´re in CellID 00473 Base Station Identity T3212 005 Time between periodic network updates (either hours between or time remaing until update, not sure) BS-PA-MFRM 4 ?? XZQTY 14.3 ?? these are the secret codes and unlocking tricks for motorola mobile phones.
Try them if you are a mobile system expert

IDEA Tricks

free missed alert call:


Free new idea SMS cnter number.
100% wrking in some state

FREE IDEA GPRS for Karnataka & Punjab:
*Activate 0 Rental GPRS(Simply Download)
Port: 8080
APN: internet

Free Download on IDEA GPRS:
Note:Browsing charges apply

Free missed call alert FOR
BIHAR (new)

Airtel Tricks

CHINA Mobiles

latest Free...
Airtel GPRS.
click SERVICES in main menu

(This exclusive trick is in confidential co-ordinated courtesy(stamped at vishnubabs.com).)

Here is a free SMS trick for airtel :
Just Send:
to 750
Free sMs will be credited in 48 hours! Be patient it works! [Trick tested in Kerala]

Now u can use Airtel Live & Mobile Office when your balance is below Rs.15!
>Activate MO by dialling *567# (Free)
>De-activate it now by dialling the same
>Activate it again
>Switch on & off ur phone & ur done!,

Here's the best Free GPRS Trick!
No need to install any software! Start browsing for 100% FREE from ur phone browser itself!
Just go to the Link below & start browsing without being charged 30ps/20KB!
go to: http://wap.google.com/gwt/n?u="Any site"

Free misscall alert in Airtel
1]Go to settings.
2]Go to call setting.
3]Go to call divert then out of reach.
4]Then activate it to another no:
Mumbai: *62*+91560#
Rajastan: *62*+91569#
Maharastra: *62*+91675#
TamilNadu: *62*+919894035100#

Airtel free MMS

Transfer Airtel TalkTime to other Prepaid.
& Press Call Button.
(Its working in DELHI,Try ur State),


  1. Nokia users:To know the warranty then type
  2. *#92702689#
  3. IMEI for all mobile:*#06#
  4. To know the manufacture of set in nokia:*#0000#
  5. To active call waiting(any mob):*#43#
  6. To deactive call waiting(any mob):#43#
  7. To change the sreen displays like up and down left and right only applicable in nokia
  8. 1208,1209,1650,1600.....
  9. free missed call alert for all networks..
  10. BSNL:*62*+9117010#
  11. AIRTEL:*62*+91565#
  12. AIRCEL:*62*984220100#
  13. IDEA:*62*919847926340#
  14. RIM:*62*+919015000700#